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The Return

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Before I go about writing the particular thoughts that come to me at this time, I’d like to offer an apology to all our readers for my recent lack of activity on the blog. Although I’m somewhat tempted to cobble together an excuse for my inactiveness, the simple truth is that I’ve been downright lazy. It’s not that I don’t wish to continue contributing to the blog, for I think of many ideas for it each day, but that I have a severe problem with procrastination. Let us continue on, though, with no further ado.

I would like to show you to a clear and insightful article written by Stephen King. This column, which King wrote for Entertainment Weekly, clearly demonstrates my thoughts on the predicament of video game violence, ratings, and the constant disputes centered around them. The column manages to address my foremost point of frustration with the argument to ban violent video games or make them illegal for minors: it is a double-standard. Brutal, disgustingly violent movies such as Hotel and Saw predominate in today’s film industry, and they are NOT illegal for minors to view. These films trump, in there vehemence, anything that even the most violent video games have to offer.

Secondly, the column looks at the continuous conflicts over video games in the context of the grand scheme of things. King rightfully points out that politicians love to use violent entertainment as a scapegoat to pin the fundamental problems of the modern world on. He also reminds us that many entertainment mediums have undergone similar scrutiny (comics, rock music, etc.).

Stephen King manages to debunk the ludicrousness of the anti-video game debate with great succinctness and eloquence, making this an excellent read for anyone remotely interested in the topical debate.

Lastly, if the subject of video game politics interests you even remotely, I’d recommend you pay a visit to Game Politics, a monumental resource on the topic of video games in relation to politics.

Your writer,

An afterthought: Thank you, Ethan, for managing, unlike myself, to keep up with this project of ours.


Written by Nicholas

April 12, 2008 at 6:15 pm

I Despise the Oscars

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Okay, so I actually tend to quite enjoy watching the Academy Awards being the large film buff I am. However, though I was thoroughly entertained by Jon Stuart’s comedic antics and largely satisfied with the execution of the awards, I was frustrated with the arrogance, pompousness, and elitism of the awards just as I am every year.


I know exactly what you’re thinking: Of course they’re pompous, we’re dealing with pampered celebrities here. Get the hell over it.


I understand. I don’t expect the attitudes of movie stars to be changing anytime soon. However, that is not what I’m getting at here. Rather, I’m continuously frustrated because the awards that are held in the highest esteem of all, the Oscars, cater not to the audience of movies, but to the small pool of “proper” and “intellectual” film critics. Why should the practical definition of excellence in movies not be determined by the majority?


Politics: Oscar material. Racial discrimination: Oscar material. Philosophy: Oscar material. Homosexual relationships: Oscar material. Entertainment: not so much.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I very much enjoy thought-provoking films that deal with important and controversial issues in this day and age, however, inserting some controversial content into a movie shouldn’t lead to an automatic get-to-the-Oscars-free card unless the execution and entertainment value of the movie are up to par as well.


Aside from Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Juno, and a handful of other movies, the nominees and winners for the Academy Awards have been dramas. It seems that the Academy is very much willing to neglect an entertaining and well-done action film in favor of an inferior, but more “educated” drama.




Enough ranting though. I do not doubt that many agree with me, but I do not see the afore mentioned customs changing at all in the near future.


Your writer,

Written by Nicholas

February 25, 2008 at 11:08 pm