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I was watching, were you?

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Yes, I saw it.

If you think I’m referring to Hillary Clinton’s pathetic attempt to “get real” (as if she could start after 61 years of avoiding it), you’re wrong.

If you think I’m referring to the news that Fidel Castro will not be accepting the position of President and Commander-in-Chief of Cuba, you’re wrong.

No, while I saw both of those interesting events, I’m referring to an occurrence which will not be happening again until late 2010. True, Cuba will probably still have the same political leader, and so will America; but that’s only slightly relevant.

No, I’m referring to the Total Lunar Eclipse, witnessed by most of the Americas, Europe, and Africa. It was actually a very beautiful spectacle, with the moon being in the shadow of the Earth, and therefore unable to reflect the light of the sun. This caused the moon to appear as a muted, rust-colored spot in the night sky, instead of the blazing celestial body we witness (full, that is) thirteen times a year.

I’ll take a paragraph here to explain how a lunar eclipse occurs; the basic principle is that, while the Moon is rotating around the Earth, and the Earth is rotating around the Sun, eventually the three bodies will form a perfect line. This causes the body in the middle in this case the Earth to block the Sun’s light from reaching the other body. This casts a shadow upon the other body, eclipsing it.

Please do not confuse a Lunar Eclipse, which was witnessed tonight, with a Solar Eclipse. These occur on the same principle, except with the Moon reflecting sunlight away from a certain spot on the Earth, thus casting it in shadow.

In conclusion, I’d just like to mention that I’m glad to see Castro go; I hope the people of Cuba can now enact some serious reformation, and make their country a better place for all.

I’ll say nothing of Hillary, except that I see a Total Political Eclipse has begun in the Democratic Party.


Written by Ethan

February 21, 2008 at 12:08 am

On The Democratic Nomination

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Recently my co-author conveyed his feeling in regards to the nominations of both parties. I felt that I should chip in with my thoughts and beliefs on said topic, though I shall primarily focus on the nomination of the Democratic Party. My opinions are quite similar to those of Ethan, but I have some slight variations in my motivation for those opinions.

Obama currently is my candidate of choice. His policy changes are along the lines of that which I hope for and his charisma is simply unrivaled. Though charisma in a candidate is typically the least of voters’ worries (or rather, should be the least of their worries,) in a case such as this where the two leading candidates have similar policy, charisma becomes the primary deciding factor.

I was lucky enough to attend a rally for Obama, and I can say that his speech-giving abilities are very commendable. He is able to instill an enthusiasm and optimism in the audience that surpasses that present at any of the other candidates’ speeches. He also proves the ludicrousness of the typical cynical attitude carried by his fellow presidential hopefuls.

However, there are certain worries I have. Obama’s plans for health care, environmental policy, etc. would be rather hard to bring into play I would assume. Major corporations and, of course, pharmaceutical companies specifically, will not necessarily bow down to such changes easily. The changes would dramatically reduce their profit, and I think we all know how much major corporations love their profits.

I have begun to think further about it though, and I think it may be better to go into a new era for the US with a slightly optimistic and idealistic attitude rather than a downright cynical one; better to reach high and not make it all the way than to not reach at all.

Your writer,

Written by Nicholas

February 20, 2008 at 11:40 am