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Warning: Subject matter is absent in this post

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Well, I’m writing again today. I’m not really lingering on my great-grandfather’s death – I’m just picturing him on the other side, having a grand old time with Franklin D. Roosevelt – the greatest man ever born, as far as my Grampa was concerned.

I’ll be attending his funeral, and visiting with family later in the week, so my writing will be sporadic, at best. Still, I’ve got to pen (type, actually) something for today.

I can’t talk about the Oscars – not wholly because I didn’t watch them, but because Nick and I try to keep our subject matter diverse.


I’m rather preoccupied with a large essay I’m writing, concerned with the crisis faced by the oceans and the fishing industry. I’ll probably publish it here when I complete it, as well as anywhere I can. I’ve been reading quite a bit of material on the subject, and it’s distressing me greatly.


Herewith having filled about one half of my post, I’ll now try to say something of merit.


I read an interesting quote a few days ago. I’m not sure who to attribute it to, but whoever realized it was a wise person.

We’re all familiar with the adages “Knowledge is Power” and “Power Corrupts” – both have been in numerous movies, books and other media tidbits.

Well, pair them up. If knowledge is Power and Power Corrupts, shouldn’t we all try to remain stupid?

Now, let’s analyze this obvious contradiction of our principles.

Knowledge is Power – true, right? Well, if one has a vast store of knowledge, theoretically anything can be accomplished, if you know how. Being able to do more stuff gives you power – manipulation is much easier if you are smart enough to handle people.

Power corrupts. This is harder, and probably where the inconsistency can be found. True, power often corrupts – but there are just as many examples of good people staying good when they gain power.

This is not to say that people don’t change when they attain power.


Anyways, mull this over, and let me know what you think. I seem to have filled my post well enough, although its not the easiest jumble to comprehend.

Oh well. I have other stuff to do.



Written by Ethan

February 26, 2008 at 6:21 pm

Life, Death and Emotional Extremes

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Well, I had a very enjoyable weekend. I hosted several fun events, and was cheered and congratulated almost constantly. I even had a hall full of people stand and cheer when I showed up. To top it off, I was quoted prominently in the local newspaper.

Needless to say, my ego was about as puffed up as it could possibly be.


When I got home, I had a letdown like never before.


Did you ever feel like everything is perfect, and things couldn’t be better? It seems like life operates in extremes – it goes your way, builds you up, makes you feel good – then you get dropped.


My great-grandfather passed away this afternoon.


He was 96 years old, living in a retirement home. His health was deteriorating, especially mentally. Many consider it a blessing for him, to finally be released. After all, he led a wonderful life, with many friends and relatives.

Anyways, this has me thinking quite a bit about death. While I know everyone tends to do this when they lose someone close, I figured I’d write what I’ve mulled over so far.

Basically, what happens when we die? Obviously, our body gets incinerated, or decays in the ground. But what about our “spirit”, our mind – our “essence”? Where does it go? Do we just dissipate?

Anyways, my head is whirring with all this emotional matter. I’m going to stop writing now – I have relatives to console.

Written by Ethan

February 25, 2008 at 11:01 pm