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And then there were three

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Hello all.

Of late, I have been offered the distinct honor of a place in the oh-so-hallowed order of the Ubiquitous Academicians, on account of my continual disability to post to Zealous Couch Potatoes, which I had until now called my blogging home. Let it be known that I hold no animosity toward Zealous Couch Potatoes, or its couch potato-in-chief, the illustrious Michael Allison, but, due to what appears to be a technical error, I can post there no longer.

I found myself complaining about this deplorable state of blog-homelessness to Ethan, who, as I’m sure you all know, is the co-owner of this blog, and he made the kind offer of a seat here. Drinks were not shared, politicians were not bribed, wars were not fought, and here I am.

Ethan and Nick forced be to sign a solemn oath that I would uphold the Ubiquitous Academicians standard of clever, intellectual blog posts, and I shall try as hard as possible to uphold this. I am certainly looking forward to my hopefully long and undoubtedly interesting tenure here.

I realize this post is rather brief, but I encourage you, the devoted reader, to await further material from both myself and my esteemed co-authors.


Written by Hawk

April 13, 2008 at 10:24 am