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Well, yes, my track record in regards to blogging is rather unfortunate. I have frequently abandoned my previous blogs. However, you should do well to trust that I shall persevere in this particular effort. You see, in this blog I plan to flaunt my intelligence on many a subject.


I love flaunting my intelligence.


So, trust that my love of said activity will enable me to continue on through fire, flame and other such hazardous, redundant elements.


As for the specifics of this blog, well, it rather lacks any specifics. Though our syllabus may cover the particulars of politics, RPGs, and technology, I have little doubt that we will not be contained by such concrete guidelines.


I suppose you want to know something about me … no, probability dictates that you most likely do not, but let’s suppose, just for this moment, that you desire a profile of that which pertains to me.


I tend to speak and think of myself as a wayward wanderer of the vast quantity of knowledge housed within the great resources of literature and the internet. However my pursuit of knowledge, though a prime focus of my existence, takes a place besides other activities such as video gaming, programming, and the playing of RPGs. Of course, any desire to seek out knowledge should be accompanied by an equal desire to expel that knowledge which one already possesses.


That’s where writing comes into play.


My love of writing is perhaps rivaled only by my afore mentioned fondness for the flaunting of knowledge. God (or gods (or lack of god (or lack of gods))) be blessed that the two activities seem so utterly fit for each other.


I fashion myself somewhat of an amateur journalist, really. Though I enjoy writing in a number of different contexts and genres, journalism is the area in which I attempt to tune my skills to the utmost degree. Currently I write for Game-Overdrive.com (a video game journalism resource as the title clearly suggests), but I hope to add the blog which this post resides within to my repertoire of writing spaces.


That said, let a long and prosperous blogging dynasty filled with many a deep and thought-provoking comment begin.


Your writer,


Written by Nicholas

February 19, 2008 at 7:15 pm

Posted in Introductions, Nicholas

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